OMEGA 7-PURE | Heart Health (45 Capsules)

OMEGA 7-PURE, the new good fatty acid with a pharmacological profile much broader and potentially more significant than other Omega fatty acids (e.g. Omega-3)

  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Promotes healthy cholesterol
  • 5X more potent than other Omega fatty acids in reducing heart-threatening triglycerides
  • Helps relieve inflammation
  • Improves insulin sensitivity
  • Reduces fatty liver
  • Manufactured in USA

Omega-7 is a naturally occurring fatty acid found commonly in the oil derived from animal products, marine sources, nuts (especially macadamia nuts) and seeds. 

OMEGA 7-PURE, manufactured in USA, is a form of Omega-7 derived from Peruvian anchovy fish oil through an ultra-purification process. OMEGA 7-PURE, potentially help in the fight against atherosclerosis (hardening & narrowing of arteries), diabetes, and metabolic syndrome as it has been clinically shown to decrease acute and chronic inflammation, decrease insulin resistance, and reduces liver fat accumulation. 

It supports heart health, improves HDL (good cholesterol), reduces LDL (bad cholesterol), promotes body’s natural anti-inflammatory response and improves metabolic wellness. 

Combining a healthy diet, exercise and OMEGA 7-PURE softgels are great steps in your effort for a healthy heart!

Clinical Studies I

1. Improved Lipid Profile and Inflammatory Markers

OMEGA 7-PURE results show reduction in aortic cholesterol deposition.

The treated animals showed dramatic reductions in aortic cholesterol deposition versus control. Aortic root cross-sections showed a virtual absence of atheroma formation after treatment with palmitoleic acid. Additionally, treated animals showed an 85% increase in HDL levels.

Result after 12 weeks:

Clinical Studies II

2. Research Comparative between Omega-7 and EPA

At 5-fold less dosage & in half-the administration time, Omega-7 (palmitoleic acid, PA) showed a similar percent reduction in serum triglyceride as EPA (Omega-3). 

[Health & Disease 10, 120, 2011 & Metabolism Clinical & Experiment 55, 1590-98 (2006)]

Clinical Studies III

3.  Clinical studies have reported that mice with generic type-2 diabetes consuming 300mg/kg Heart Care – 7 (palmitoleic acid) for 4 weeks showed significant reduction in body weight gain (BW), triglycerides (TG) and insulin levels.

Clinical Studies IV

4. 60 human subjects showed remarkable reduction in inflammatory marker (CRP), triglyceride (TG) and LDL cholesterol as well as increase in HDL cholesterol after 30-day consumption of 220.5mg Heart-Care 7, as compared to control group who consumed placebo capsules.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ismail Bin Ishak
The doctor was surprised that my right-eye cataract did not worsen over one-year time

I am Ismail and I am 68 years old. In year 2012, my left eye was diagnosed to have cataract which greatly affected my life due to blur vision. And for my right eye, it has mild cataract. Therefore, the doctor advised me to undergo an operation to remove the cataract on my left eye since it was more serious, then come back one year later for the right eye check-up to determine the seriousness of cataract and if the operation is needed for my right eye.

During this period, I came across with Alpha-Wellness OMEGA 7-PURE and have been taking the product for more than half a year. I normally take one softgel every morning after my breakfast. When I went back for my eye's check-up, the doctor was surprised that my right-eye cataract did not worsen over one-year time. So I was not required to go for the second cataract surgery and the doctor will monitor for another half a year. He asked me what I have taken during this period to slow the development of cataract on my right eye and I shared with him that I have been taking OMEGA 7-PURE.

Poh Yeok
Great product for heart and energy

After consuming OMEGA 7-PURE for 3 months, I feel that my body is more relaxed and I am better to sleep well at night. Probably due to the decrease of my body's inflammation level. I will continue to take this product for the health of my heart and overall well-being.

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