KOYOSAMINE® HCL | Joint Health (90 Capsules)

KOYOSAMINE® HCL is a highly purified Glucosamine like none other… 

  • Extracted through patented proprietary refinery process from Crustacean shells
  • Provides strength to cartilage
  • Supports joint health and mobility
  • Relieves joint discomfort and pain
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Fast-acting
  • Clinically tested effective and safe
  • Manufactured in Japan

Koyosamine® HCL is a patented and highly purified glucosamine extracted from shells of Crustacea (crabs and shrimps) through a proprietary refinery process. It is manufactured in Japan with comprehensive quality program compliance to Food cGMP, ISO 9001 and FSSC 22000

Koyosamine® HCL has been clinically studied to be safe and effective in maintaining a properly functioning joint structure. It not only serves as a prominent building block and lubricant to enhance the strength, softness, elasticity, and integrity of the joint cartilage and connective tissue, it also has the anti-inflammatory effect to prevent tissue injury and pain. 

Clinical Studies I

1. Efficacy of Koyosamine® HCL for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee

Koyosamine® HCL showed significant and dose-dependent therapeutic improvement in 50 patients with knee osteoarthritis after 8-week treatment. [Journal of Japanese Society of Clinical Nutrition, 20(1), 41-47, 1998]

Clinical Studies II

2. Effect of Koyosamine® HCL on adjuvant arthritis in rats

Treatment with 300mg/d Koyosamine® HCL for 3 weeks significantly suppressed the rapid increase in arthritis score, indicating a positive effect of Koyosamine® HCL on inflammatory arthritis. [Inflammation Research, 54(3), 127-132, 2005]

Clinical Studies III

3. Healing effect on injured cartilage in rabbits

Rabbits with joint cartilage damage showed complete recovery after 3-week treatment with Koyosamine® HCL. [Carbohydrate Polymers, 48, 369-378, 2002]

Clinical Studies IV

4. Improvement on Skin Texture

Dry and rough skin became smooth and reduced wrinkles just after 6-week of Koyosamine® HCL intake. [Nippon Shokuhin Kagaku Kaishi, 48(5), 335-343, 2001]

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