Our curated range of “Alpha-Wellness” products consists of scientifically validated health supplements and nutraceutical products developed through years of reliable clinical research effort, combining highly efficacious and safe proprietary formulation to provide a total solution from inner health to outer beauty.

Our holistic product categories include Weight Management, Heart Health, Immune Health, Joint Care, Liver Health, and Beauty. Every product we develop is backed by scientific evidence and designed to deliver maximum health benefits for you.

Personally helmed by CEO Mr Willy Tan, whose decades of experience in manufacturing, commercializing and marketing of high quality, safe and efficacious health supplements and nutraceutical products for the health, food and beverage industries throughout Asia Pacific is well-known.

He works with a team of dedicated professionals aimed to deliver scientifically validated health supplements and nutraceutical products to lead the regional community towards a healthier, longer and happier life.

We are committed to keeping our products affordable so that you can experience better health daily. We continuously re-assess and update our formulations as new principles are proven, maintaining the key foundation of our core beliefs in scientifically proven ingredients.