About Us



Established since 2005, Advanced Nutraceutical Pte Ltd has been in the nutraceutical industries for more than 10 years. We specialize in distribution, commercialization and marketing of high quality, safe and efficacious nutraceutical supplements for the health and food industries.

As an innovation-driven corporation, we are dedicated to grow a portfolio of best and first-in-class nutraceutical products that are scientifically proven to improve the community’s well-being towards a healthier, longer and happier life.

In the year of 2011, Advanced Nutraceutical Pte Ltd has been listed among the top “Singapore SME 1000 Company” ranking, hallmarking the success of the company in attaining the highest achievement in the business performance management. The company was featured by Channel News Asia, a reliable and reputable business free to air TV in Singapore entitled “The Velocities of Growth” presenting their success and expansion plans.

Our mission is to help consumers and their loved ones restore and rebuild their health by providing them with good nutritional and preventive dietary supplements.

Alpha-wellness range of essential supplements was developed through reliable clinical research effort, combining highly efficacious and safe proprietary formulation to provide a total solution from inner health to outer beauty.

The product categories includes supplements in heart health, immune health, joint health, liver health and weight management. The company is dedicated to continue developing holistic best–in-class innovative products to cater to your overall health protection!

Why Alpha-wellness?

Alpha-wellness products are unique, natural, scientifically researched and validated by team of experienced professionals and scientists, and developed through state-of-the-art technology under stringent cGMP control to guarantee premium quality products. We are committed to create a health platform by introducing scientifically-proven safe and highly efficacious essential supplements with the ultimate aim of improving the overall well-being and quality of lives of the community at large!