AlcoBloc (防宿醉和保护肝脏)



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AlcoBloc™ 嚼锭含有专利米糠提取物, 实验证明能有效:
• 抑制宿醉症状
• 保护肝脏,避免酒精中毒
• 降低坏胆固醇 (LDL)
• 日本制造



Liv-Care is a chewable tablet that contains a Japanese patented natural rice bran extract which is pure, non-chemical and non-toxic. 

Liv-Care has the benefit in lowering LDL-cholesterol level. The active component in rice bran extract has also been clinically studied to protect liver against alcohol toxicity. Liv-Care promotes the conversion of toxic alcool by-product, blood acetaldehyde, into non-toxic acetic acid, thus relieving hangover discomfort.


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Clinical Studies

Clinical studies have proven that toxic acetaldehyde was removed from the blood much faster in human who drank alcohol after 6-weeks of taking Liv-Care.

Acetaldehyde volume in blood

A questionnaire on hangover effects was conducted on consumers who drank alcohol before and after 6-week intake of Liv-Care. All consumers reported feeling reduction of hangover discomfort upon taking Liv-Care.

Anti-hangover experience

Human subjects who took Liv-Care for 6 weeks showed significant reduction in liver disease markers (AST, ALT and g-GTP), indicating that Liv-Care helps improve liver functions

Liver disease markers

Human subjects who took Liv-Care for 4 weeks showed significant reduction in LDL cholesterol level.

Reduction in LDL cholesterol level