Weight Management: Fat-Magnet (120 Capsules)



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Fat-Magnet dietary supplement is intended to provide nutritive support for normal, healthy lipid levels. It prevents the absorption and storage of fat by converting into a gel which "traps" the fat. It creates a "grease ball" from this excess fat, which is too large to be absorbed by the body.

• Limits Fat Absorption
• Promotes Healthy Cholesterol Level
• Supports Healthy Weight Management
• Natural Marine Fiber, 100% Purity
• Manufactured in Japan



What is Fat-Magnet?

Fat-Magnet is a natural fiber product derived from chitin, a substance found in the exoskeletons of shellfish such as shrimp, crabs, and lobsters. It can easily become positively charge to attract and bind to the negatively-charged fatty acids, thus inhibits the absorption of dietary fat during digestion. The entrapped fat then passes through the body undigested.

Fat-Magnet fiber is unlike other fibers in that it carries a positive ionic charge. Since lipids, fats, and bile acids all possess negative charges, there is a chemical bond between the two and thus they attract naturally to one another.


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Clinical Studies

Fat-Magnet showed outstanding fat binding capacity compared to normal cellulose and  European-brand Chitosan!

Fat-Magnet showed outstanding fat binding capacity

Reduction in total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels in individuals who took Fat-Magnet (chitosan) as compared to individuals who took placebo pills. No adverse events were reported. 

Reduction in total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels