Weight Management: Carb-Control (90 Capsules)


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Carb-Control reduces Carbohydrate calorie absorption up to 66% and supports healthy weight management. 
• Backed by extensive clinical researches
• Enjoy starchy meals without worrying about the calories
• All natural and non-stimulant
• Manufactured in USA



Carb-Control is the first natural carbohydrate blocker which has been scientifically proven to inhibit the digestive enzyme alpha-amylase and delay the digestion and absorption of carbohydrate (starch) up to 66%. This would in turn reduce the caloric impact of starchy food, such as rice, pasta, potatoes, bread and etc.

Carb-Control efficacy is backed by extensive clinical researches in the area of:

  1. Weight loss
  2. Inches loss
  3. Fat mass reduction
  4. After-meal glucose response reduction

Carb-Control is the  ONLY white kidney bean extract with TWO US-FDA approved structural/functional claims:

  1. May assist in weight control when used in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise program
  2. May reduce the enzymatic digestion of dietary starches
Carb-Control is  Generally Recognized As Safe  (GRAS) to confirm its safety for consumption


Phase 2® is endorsed  and highly recommended by Professionals


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Customer Reviews

I started "Carb-Control" to see if it would work Review by Kathy A., Stockton CA
I have been severely hypoglycemic for over 30 years. That, coupled with a tendency to overeat has always made it very difficult to achieve and maintain an optimum weight. I started taking "Carb-Control" to see if it would, first and foremost, help me with my blood sugar. Amazingly, it did. I am hyper-sensitive to carbs and "Carb-Control" has really evened me out! I could never stick with Atkins diet, because going carb-free didn't feel good, plus I didn't really lose weight. Now with "Carb-Control", I feel like Goldilocks: JUST RIGHT! I have started eating more healthy foods and controlling my portions, and I have lost a few pounds. My weight loss goal is within reach! I am hooked!

(Posted on 05/08/2016)
Effective natural product Review by Sun
I will continue to buy this product as it was effective for me!!! I have lost almost 3kg within one month without any serious dieting. What I felt most amazing is I did not feel uncomfortable at all. I love it!!!

(Posted on 11/03/2016)
An almost painless way to lose weight Review by Leslie G. Purchase, NY
I have been heavy and a size 16 all of my adult life. I came back from a vacation and realised that my size 16 clothes were tight, and decided I had to do something about it. I have been very sceptical about all these "diet pills" over the years, and had never tried any of them. But someone told me they had heard about "Carb-Control", and gave me my first bottle. With nothing to lose (except the weight!) I tried it.

Seven or eight months later I have lost 30 pounds, and am somewhere between size 10 and 12. My cholesterol is down, and everyone is telling me how great I look (The downside is that I had to buy an entirely new wardrobe).

I have to say that this was an almost painless way to lose weight for me. My weakness is carbs (bread) and fried food, and I will admit that I gave up almost all fried food during this period (although I wasn't eating it much before anyway as it is so unhealthy). But I didn't have to give up bread (and even some butter) in a restaurant, and ate hamburgers at lunch when I felt like it, and even ate some pasta. I have now recommended it to several other people who are also having success with it. Thank you "Carb-Control"!

(Posted on 10/03/2016)

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Clinical Studies

Clinical Studies

Effect of Carb-Control on Human Blood Glucose Level:

66% reduction in blood glucose level after consumption of high carb meal with Carb-Control

Carb-Control in reducing body weight, body fat mass, BMI and waist circumference (Total subjects = 121)

Carb-Control significantly lowered the body weight, body fat mass, BMI and waist circumference of subjects who took Carb-Control for 12 weeks

Summary results from 5 selected clinical studies of Carb-Control within 8 weeks: Carb-Control in Weight Loss and Waist Circumference Reduction (Total subjects: 286)


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