Weight Management: Sugar-Control (90 Capsules)

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Sugar-Control , as the natural sugar blocker, provides Dual benefits on blood glucose management and supports healthy weight management.  

Sugar-Control is a combination of:

• L-arabinose – inhibits enzyme sucrase that digests sucrose, thus suppressing glycemic index and caloric impact of sugary food.
• Chromium – enhances insulin sensitivity

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Sugar-Control is a Natural Sugar Blocker that helps regulate blood sugar levels and control body weight by reducing the body’s ability to absorb and utilize sugar. Sugar-Control comprises of two active components that work in two ways to metabolize sugar in a more healthful way:

  1. L-arabinose, derived from non-GMO corn cob, inhibits enzyme sucrase that digests sucrose, thus reducing sugar uptake.
  2. Chromium enhances insulin sensitivity to boost up glucose uptake from the bloodstream.  It is more readily absorbable and bioavailable which enables a more effective insulin regulating function. It is also Generally Recognised As Safe (GRAS) 

Known to be a Sugar Blocker, studies show that Sugar-Control reduces sugar absorption by 28% and suppresses insulin response by 26%

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Clinical Studies

Clinical Studies

An elaborated three-tier clinical research studies have shown a 28% and 26% significant reduction in glucose and insulin response respectively with Sugar-Control consumption. In the safety study, no adverse effects were noticed.

Blood Glucose Response

Insulin Response

Kaats et al., Nutr J. 2011; 10: 42.

Clinical study on the influence of Chromium on blood glucose level and oxidative stress markers in 36 human subjects with Type-2 Diabetes for 12 weeks. The results suggested that chromium improves the blood glucose variables and oxidative stress in Type-2 diabetic patients.

Chromium decreases fasting blood glucose levelChromium increases antioxidative activity