Body Support Mattress Care

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Quick Overview

1. Convenient to store and easy to transport around
2. Prevent user to have bed sores due to long and lengthy rest
3. The foam used is according to the gel grid design, therefore it does not lose its shape and structure when being moved around
4. The mattress covers are made of breathable and waterproof material, which makes it less sultry and water will not penetrate into the mattress. It has also undergone antibacterial treatment so hygiene is not an issue
5. The gel grids and the foam were designed to integrate with one another, both protected with mesh cloth and inner sleeve for ease during removal

Made in Japan



Specification: 192 cm (L) x 91 cm (W) x 8 cm (H)
Weight: 17 kg 

Choosing a Suitable Mattress
Factors such as body condition, activenes and level of decubitus sores of a person contributes to choosing a suitable mattress.

As many hours each day are spent on the bed, it is vital for the mattress to provide comfort to the user

PITA Hospital Bed

Factors Contributing to Prevention of Decubitus Sores

  Type of Mattress
  Ordinary Sponge Memory Shape Flat Gel Air Three-Dimensional Gel
Distribution of Body Pressure X Δ Δ 
 Shear Stress Δ 
Air Circulation  Δ 
Durability  Δ 
Pricing  Δ  Δ  Δ  Δ 
Servicing Cost 
Convenient to Use  Δ  Δ Δ 

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